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Lithium iron phosphate battery IFR26430e

Lithium iron phosphate battery IFR26430e
Product Detailed
Lithium iron phosphate battery IFR26430e Nominal capacity1700mAh Standard charging voltage3.2 V Size 26.5*42.8mm weight 50g

Lithium iron phosphate battery  IFR26430eNominal capacity  1700mAhStandard charging voltage 3.2 VSize (paper sets) Φ26.5±0.1*H42.80±0.5mm

About the weight of  50g

Lithium iron phosphate battery is used to make lithium-ion secondary battery, and now is the main direction of motive power batteries, the relative NI-MH, Ni-Cd batteries have great advantages.

Lithium iron phosphate battery seven advantages:

1, Long life, long-life lead-acid batteries in the cycle life of about 300, the maximum is 500, and the power of lithium iron phosphate batteries, cycle life of more than 2,000, the standard charge (5 hours rate) used to 2,000 times. The quality of lead-acid batteries with a "new for half a year old for half a year and six months to safeguard the maintenance of" a maximum of 1-1.5 years there, and lithium iron phosphate batteries used under the same conditions, will reach 7-8 years. Considered, cost-effective lead-acid batteries for more than 4 times.

2, the use of safe, complete solution of lithium iron phosphate lithium cobalt and lithium manganese oxide security issues, cobalt and manganese Lithium Lithium in the strong collision will produce an explosion of consumers pose a threat to the safety of, and phosphorus acid iron lithium to undergo strict safety tests, even in the worst traffic accident would not have exploded.

3, can be high current 2C fast charge and discharge, under the dedicated charger, 1.5C within 40 minutes to charge the battery is full, start-up current of up to 2C, but not the performance of lead-acid batteries now.

4, high temperature, lithium iron phosphate peak heating up to 350 -500 and lithium manganese oxide and lithium cobalt only about 200 . Broad temperature range (-20C - +75 C), have a high temperature electric properties of lithium iron phosphate peak of up to 350 -500 and lithium manganese oxide and lithium cobalt only about 200 .

5, large capacity.

6, no memory effect. Rechargeable batteries are often very tightly in the End of the conditions, the capacity will be lower than the rated capacity value rapidly, a phenomenon called memory effect. Such as nickel-metal hydride, nickel cadmium batteries of the existence of memory, and iron phosphate lithium battery is not the phenomenon, no matter in what state the battery can be used with rechargeable with no need to recharge after release.

7, green environmental protection. The battery does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals (nickel-metal hydride batteries to be rare), non-toxic (SGS certification through), non-polluting, in line with the European RoHS requirements for absolute battery green card. Lead-acid batteries, there are high levels of lead in their abandoned if not handled properly, will be enough on the environment as secondary pollution, and lithium iron phosphate material in the production and use, are non-polluting, so the battery and included in the "Tenth Five-Year" period of "863" national high-tech development plan, a national support and encourage the development of key projects. With China's accession to the WTO, China's export of electric bicycles will be increased rapidly, and now enter Europe and the United States has asked the electric bicycle is equipped with pollution-free battery.

 Lithium iron phosphate battery also has its drawbacks: for example, lithium iron phosphate cathode material of Tap Density of smaller, such as the capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery is greater than the size of lithium cobalt lithium-ion batteries, etc., so do not micro-batteries has advantages..

Lithium iron phosphate battery IFR26430e

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